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About Tonomy


Tonomy develops a novel non-contact home-tonometer and app that lets people to self-measure their Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP) at home to reduce the risk and improve management of glaucoma. With Tonomy, you can receive a diagnosis to share with your physician for treatment plan and a prescription if needed, all from the comfort of home


How It Works

Turn on the device and
launch the app
Get a diagnosis, treatment plan,
and prescription if needed
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Test both eyes, see the results in your App, and share with your trusted doctor or healthcare provider physician


Our technologies enable automatic and autonomous IOP test as well as the ability to partner with companies offering monitoring devices using our proprietary tonometer solution
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Applanation tonometry - The pressure inside a sphere equals the force necessary to flatten its surface (Imbart-Fick law)
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The corneal deformation response during air-puff cycle is captured and recorded at high sampling rate, by Tonomy novel optical sensor
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The applanations points are accurately detected by Tonomy algorithms and AI to provide the IOP level and hysteresis

The Competitive Advantage

Tonomy's technology eliminates competitors barriers with non-contact, accurate, autonomous, and affordable home tonometer
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Self Operated


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For Home Users

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Better Care
Personalize and after treatment monitoring 
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Peace of Mind
Increasing compliance with treatment plans and improving quality of life
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Reduce the number of clinic visits
Track your IOP at anytime, anywhere
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For Point of Care

Better Care
Providing effective and affordable IOP test for early detection and on-going monitoring
Easy to Use
Automatic measurement, no waste of
staff time, no need for any special training
Enhance Customer Experience
Better serve shoppers and drive revenues with a service that enhance patient care and community care


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Gil Shamai

Co-founder and CEO

Former EVP of Business Development, marketing and sales at Pentalum Technologies (start-up) CEO at WindSL (start-up). Prior to that Gili held high level software development position in companies such RSL Electronics, SCEPIA Internet solutions and ISCAR.

Holds an M.B.A and B.Sc, Mathematics and Computer Science

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Niv Narkiss

Co-founder and CTO

Former EVP of Operations and Engineering at Pentalum Technologies (start-up), General Manager at Finisar Israel (Nasdaq FNSR). Prior to that Niv held high level R&D positions at N-Trig, Kailight Photonics and Plasma Sources at Soreq Nuclear Research Centre

Holds a M.Sc., Electrical and Electronic Engineering and B.Sc., Material Engineering

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Prof. Michael Waisbourd

Medical Advisor

Prof. Michael Waisbourd, an ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist, is an attending physician and director of the Glaucoma Research Center at Tel-Aviv Medical Center, Israel (Ichilov).


For Investors

5%-10% of the population age 40+ have ocular hypertension, most of them are unaware of their disease

IOP is the most important risk factor for the development of gloucoma, and the only known modifiable risk factor.  IOP fluctuate significantly throughout the course of a day and usually peak outside of clinic hours. Providing patients a user friendly and accurate home tonometer to allow them to measure their IOP at home will provide them a beter care, better quality of life, and peace of mind

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